LinDuo includes three different learning modes: learning, listening and writing. Each mode covers 60 different topics and over 1000 most useful words! Those screenshots are like cheat codes which allow you to see how each mode differs and what topics and words are awaiting you =)


It's more than just a flashcards app:

  • Flashcards in each lesson are presented in smart learning techniques to help you remember words quickly.

  • Beautiful flashcards along with native voice speaker are good way to practice English listening skills.

  • You will practice English word spelling with specially designed writing mode, similar to word games.

  • All 64 topic-based lessons in English LinDuo was and will be FREE forever!

What motivators we can offer you:

  • True or False word game will help you master your vocabulary and turn language learning into fun.

  • User TOP per skill and per lesson will make you competing with others and monitor your progress.

  • Unlock different achievements to get power ups and bonuses, which later can simplify passing of exam =)

  • Unlike other companies, we are Students who did app for Students! Since we use our app ourselves, we can see what should be improved or added.

If you have any suggestion how we can improve our app, please never hesitate to contact us or leave it in reviews. We will check each and every message carefully!


Learning anywhere

makes your breaks and commutes more productive


our app motivates you to learn by giving you list of achievements

Read, Listen, Write

practice reading, listening and writing skills

Free forever

learn must be affordable and free to everyone


We proudly present our team leaders of LinDuo team. Without their huge support and persistence, LinDuo app would never be available for students from all around the world. (to rest of our staff: please, do not give up and one day your picture will be listed here)

Joben Kawai

Project Manager

Asa Shiro

Graphic Designer

Yasuo Tahara

Professor of Linguistics


Make your breaks and commutes more productive with our iOS, Android apps. Install LinDuo for Chrome, Firefox or Opera to have it available any time you browse Internet - be productive, change your future! Download LinDuo and see yourself why people trust our teaching method!